Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It is useful to compare my training for 2010 with the hours put in for the 2011 edition of the ABSA Cape Epic. Hereunder, is a graphic summary of the training hourse per week, starting around the end of October of each year and running through to the end of the race.

The number of hours when totalled up is also illuminating. Looking at the plain bottom line, it appears that I only did seven hours more for the 2011 race. However, it was the distribution of training which made all the difference. The big weeks were done from weeks 7 to 10 which was over the Christmas period. Those three weeks on the trot seemed to have made the difference between a very difficult 2010 Epic and a comfortable 2011 ride. While 300 odd hours may seem alot, it actually averages out to about 2 hours per day. Not alot of time when one considers the health and fitness benefits of preparing for a race like the Epic. My drive commute is about an hour per day, which means that I actually spent about 1 hour per day preparing for the Epic. Thats less time than many peoples daily time pondering the meaning of life on the toilet!

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