Monday, April 18, 2011


My personal toolkit has been updated from my post of 2010 There have not been many changes, but just a quick recap. I now carry tools in two spots.


I carry the body tools in a small neoprene bag which I stick in the jersey pocket, while the Scott minipump also goes into the jersey pocket. The following tools are kept in the bag:
-Spare Plugs
-Bomb & Attachment
-Derailler cable
-Zip ties
-Stans 2 oz bottle
-Lezyne Multi Tool
-Money (R100 note can be used as a gator)
-Continental Tyre Lever
-Park Tyre Boot
-Toughie tyre boot
-Park Glueless patches
-No Tubes valve remover
-Stans Valve core
-Stans Valve stem
-Scott Derailler Hanger bracket
-Leatherman mini knife

On shorter rides I drop the Stans, leatherman and hanger bracket to save a bit of weight. However, most rides I simply go with what I have and that normally means all of the above, less the Stans, which is a pain to carrry around.

-Scott Mini pump

-Barplug: Tire tool & plug loaded in handlebar (see my post on this great tool)

The derailler cable saved the event for us in the 2011 Cape Epic. Mike's freehub popped after 40km on Stage 2 and we used the derailler cable to tie the cassette to the spokes. The makeshift repair which turned the bike into a fixie, lasted for 70km!

The barplag is the most effective tool and I have used it on a number of occassions. Its simply the best trick around!

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