Friday, March 12, 2010


Richard is a hardened cyclist - not only does he ride to work, but, he also works on a bike. His one the guys responsible for street cleaning in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. At first glance it's a great example of sustainability, cleaners using renewable energy to clean the Metro. However, on closer inspection, the bicycle does not really seem up to it. Take a careful look and you'll see the bike his using actually does not have a chain. I was also wondering about the pocket of potatoes and the pool cleaning equipment in the carrier. My bet is that the chain broke years ago and now he just pushes the bike around - probably because of procurement issues relating to buying a new chain. Nonetheless, Richard qualifies as a CDC because he also cycles to work, though not on his work bike. Hope that has a chain! Would love to hear his opinions on why they use municipal bikes with no chains!

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