Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Powercote is a Cape Town based construction company which supported us for the Cape Epic in 2011. The kit which they provided were top class Bibs and Tops and certainly stood out amongst the Epic participants.

For Mike, it was particularly significant kit as he qualified for Amabubesi in it. Riders that have finished the Cape Epic three times are awarded membership of Adidas Amabubesi – The Absa Cape Epic Finisher Club. "Amabubesi" means "pack of lions" in Zulu - an excellent description for mountain bikers that return year after year to ride the Absa Cape Epic. In many respects the Epic has achieved cult status, with a large number of riders continually coming back each year. 15 riders have ridden all 7 events with about 230 riders having completed 3 events. It speaks volumes about the popularity of this event, that so many riders come back every year, at considerable expense to do the race.

For me it was significant as this time my children were there to see us finish. Nothing can quite match the glow of happiness coming from ones childrens faces as you see them for the first time in over a week.

The start of the last day is always great as all the riders are generally in high spirits and very relaxed. The finish is only 60km away and by this stage of the race the battle for honours has normally been settled.

A big thank you to Powercote for all the support received.

You can download high resolution images of these photos here

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