Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The last day, a short stage through to Lourensford. On the Tour De France, they drink champagne and fool around for the camera's. None of that here, it was on the hammer from beginning to end. Coming over the historic wagon trail was sheer beauty, with the Cape Penisula below us. You get the same view from Sir Lowry's pass in a car, but, the feeling can never compare with that of coming over on a bicycle with seven and half days of the Epic behind you. We are truly priviledged to be able to participate in this calibre of event with these sort of riders over this type of terrain. Another great day for us with a 61sty in GC and 8th in Masters.

Eventually, the records show a GC of 104 and 17th in Masters. Thats one out of three. Our first goal was to finish and that was mission accomplished. We knew the other two (a top 100 and top 10 in Masters) were always going to be difficult. We managed to achieve that on three of the 8 stages, so we were sort of half way there. Its still a great result for us and already we are looking towards 2011. The lessons learnt were innumerable, and Ill try and reflect on that in the weeks to come.

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