Tuesday, April 6, 2010


They say its the race of truth, the time trial, 27km and about 800 meters of climbing. While that certainly applies to road riding, its not really the same with mountain bikes. You see, truth is, on an mtb there's simply nowhere to hide. You cannot stick in a bunch at 30km per hour and the benefits of the peloton are lost in the hustle of single track and rough terrain. The course from Worcester was superb, one huge climb up the Brandberg and then flowing single track back home. We were flying along, with Mike carving a path through back markers. Unfortunately I got stuck behind the Stopforth brothers, then got my chain derailed and kinked trying to get past. Result, we lost at least 3 to 5 minutes sorting out the chain. From what would have been a top 100 we had to settle for a 138 on GC and 23rd in Masters. Disappointing, but over such a short distance, at least we did not loose too much time.

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