Sunday, March 21, 2010


A very difficult day. Despite all the warnings from Therese and Phil about not going hard too early, guess what - we went too hard in the early stages. We did not get a good position in the start shute and spent the first 90 minutes carving a way through the field. The hard bursts took its toll and by the half way mark the first twinges of cramp were starting to come. The spirit of the Cape Epic is such that you just fall into the trap of the hype and hammer. With cheering supporters lining the route, its hard not to hammer.

The rail line at the end hammered us and we lost alot of places. Eventually we came in at 140th overall and 25th in the Masters. Not too bad considering the circumstances and the mistake of going too hard too early. Check the full results on the Cape Epic website

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  1. Well done on the first stage; your results for the second stage is much better...awesome! T&T