Friday, March 12, 2010


At times the CDC gets seriously sidetracked. The Coega Daily Commute turns into an extended ride into the Coega IDZ and beyond to mix a bit of business and pleasure. Friday 12 March 2010 was one of those. Apart from getting some real work done, the following also happened:

1) From the photo's it looks like certain roles have been allocated for the Cape Epic, namely one as bike mechanic and supervisor. Seems to work pretty well!

2) We got in about six hours of saddle time, not at a great pace, but, time none the less.

3) Andrea has finally got to do the CDC and now appreciates the finer issues of wind direction of load.

All in all a really nice day and just wish we could have spent more time there. Unfortunately some of us had afternoon meetings to attend to.

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  1. Yes, I now understand what (wind) resistance training is all about! it sure makes you strong!