Friday, November 5, 2010


So where do you store your tubeless tire repair tool? The tool is basically an oversized needle used to insert a self vulcanizing plug into a tire. I have always felt very uncomfortable with carrying a potential spine penetrating tool in my jersey pocket. I have seen a host of ways in which the tool is carried, none particularly safe, quick or convenient.

The Barplug solves all that with no cost and a small bit of effort. Here's how to make one:

1) Take one standard handlebar plug and one standard tire tool.
2) Use a grinder or a file to grind the end of the standard tire tool thinner so that it just slips into a bar plug. An example is indicated hereunder.

3) Slide the ground end of the tool into the bar plug. Its best to use epoxy or a similar adhesive (such as superglue) to glue the tool into the bar plug. Here's my barplug hereunder.

4) You can now clip the barplug in and out of your handlebar. The tool is always available for use and very quick to remove from the handlebar. With the tool so close to hand, you can easily plug a tire and be on your way again within 15 seconds and without having to reinflate the tyre. Best of all, its a really safe place to store the tool.

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