Monday, August 15, 2011


Sick and tired of replacing the bike mounts for your Garmin Edge? Well I think I may just have found a solution - albeit cumbersome.

If you've Google'd this page, you already know that broken Garmin Edge Bike Mounts are more common than a smelly shammy. Everyone complains about them and Garmin now have a policy to not replace them under warranty (well in South Africa anyway).

Use a sharp scribe or nail to push a hole through the plastic cross bracket, exactly where it aligns with the notch on the Garmin unit as per picture hereunder.

The hole must be the same diameter as a derailleur cable end cap. Fit the Edge unit to the plastic cross and then push a derailleur cable end cap through the hole. You can trim the cap so that it fits flush against the plastic and engages the clip so the Garmin unit and plastic cross are firmly held together.

You can now attach the rubber backing and zip tie the mount and unit to the bar or stem. Obviously, the drawback is that you have to cut and reattach the zip ties everytime you move the unit from one bike to another. While its a bit of an inconvenience, you can buy one heck of a lot of zip ties for the price of one bike mount.

The end cap is soft aluminium. If you trim it to the right length it wont damage either your stem or unit, and it will hold the Garmin unit firmly in place - much like a flywheel key on a motor!

In South Africa five Big Macs will get you one bike mount. In the USA, it will cost you two Big Macs!

Shame on you Garmin South Africa for providing such poor support for items which are clearly manufacturing defects!

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