Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Over the past few months I have been returning my old faithful Marin Eldridge Grade to service. I bought it new in Moab in 1994. It was a classic steel hard tail with no suspension. Over the years it got painted, a Manitou fork was added and then finally removed. The bike went through hell with both the seat post and stem rusted to the frame and fork. Craig Dixon at Plastic Rebuilders did a great paint job on the frame. I went back to gun metal gray and added all the bits that I had lying around at home. I am now looking for a fork hanger for the old style V brakes to finish the job. Sunday night I was out on some test runs and it its certainly eye catching and quick. I think I must take it round the Marine soon.


  1. Thats awesome - really love the grey and white.

    I'm trying to do the exact same thing with my 1993 Eldridge Grade (only with white paint) - but I've come unstuck with the headset - the steerer tube of my Manitou Sport forks (1994) is too short for any of the threaded headsets I've been able to find. Not sure what to do now!

    Anyway, nicely done :)

  2. Charlie - About your project bike. I used to run Manitou 3 (or 2) front suspension forks and still have the old Manitou steerer tube and fork. You're welcome to it for a bottle of wine, but postage may well be prohibitive from South Africa to Australia. The big issue is replacement elastomers for the Manitou and they dont look great on my bike. PM at geotrailing@gmail.com