Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Like most Port Elizabethans, I was stunned and disgusted by the shocking disorganization of the SA Road Champs held in February 2011. The event was organized by Cycling SA, and in their wisdom, they decided to hold some events on a weekday, in rush hour, along some of Port Elizabeth's main arterial routes. The Thursday and Friday events were an absolute disaster, but, the Saturday event proved one thing. The route has stunning potential and provided a great canvas for the most exciting SA Road Champs ever.

In their wisdom, Cycling SA appointed an Attorney to conduct an inquiry. You can find his conclusions released on 08 June 2011 in Part A and Part B

What the inquiry, which has apparently led to the resignation of CSA CEO Barry Mocke, clearly shows is the complete ineptitude in Cycling SA. While, the inquiry places the blame at the door of all concerned, it is clear that the local organizers were not to blame. Rather, it seems, that Cycling SA was trying to impose its will on how events are run.

Anybody who attended the Saturday racing will attest to the great spirit out on the course and it all conspired to a great event. CSA let us down badly, by insisting on things which were clearly unworkable to anyone who knows the cycling conditions in Port Elizabeth.

However, the Saturday event proved that PE has the best road racing course in the country. Its a place where, when sensibly done, the racing can be taken to the people.

CSA should not bury this report, but, get their house in order and do their job as Cycling Administrators, not prove to us that they are bad Race Organizers.

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