Thursday, November 18, 2010


What a ride - 61km - a breeze in the park - by Cape Epic standards - very short, think again. This was awesome. Hogsback sits at 1200m and we climbed to about 1600 or more, roughly the height of Joburg, so at that altitude air becomes a problem for us coastal types. I suffered like I can't remember ever suffering, but, I had a Ciskei Ox for a partner who pulled us through. Fourth overall on the day and 1st Vet team. The terrain is very deceptive with slippery forest single track and lung busting climbs.

The terrain of Hogsback is awesome for mountain biking. There was no rent a crowd at the schools, but all the locals, including the kids, were out in spontaneous force and providing support. I am convinced that this is the holy grail of Eastern Cape Mtb riding. Will be interesting to hear what Leon AKA Dr Evil has to say about the ride!

Check out the ride track log here through Garmin connect

To see the pain that my partner was dishing out, check out Mikes Garmin site

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