Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Herald 85km Mtb Race - 06 February 2010

Following the puncture plagued and technically inept Attakwas (see the race feedback) I lined up for the Herald 85km Mtb race to test the speed for the Cape Epic. As the results show proof that I have sufficient speed to stay with my partner, is now in place. Click the graphic hereunder, or click here to view a full breakdown of the race in terms of route, cadence, heart rate and times (make sure you hit the play button to see the temporal animation).

A seventh overall and first in age category in amongst some very illustrious company is not to shabby for a formerly flabby commuter. My Epic partner, Mike Charlewood, is also coming on great guns and is starting to show great form. After a late call to join the team, and still recovering from a seriously broken elbow, his speed on the earlier sections was very impressive.

This image was take early in the race and here Mike and I are in the company of Kevin Evans, Cornelius Muller and Andrew Briggs, to name a few. After all was done its apparent that preparations for the Epic are going well. We had no mechanicals and Mike had a great race the following day in the road event, staying with the lead bunch and finishing within spitting distance of the hooligans and breeze heads contesting the usual sprint.

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